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With over 40 years of experience as a clincian, supervisor, program developer, and trainer, I have worked with a great number of people from various backgrounds, cultures and life styles. I am a licensed psychologist as well as a clinical mental health counselor.  My training has included analytic, cognitive, mindfulness as well as other modalities specific to specialized concerns, such as trauma work and clinical hypnosis.
My doctorate is from the University of Pittsburgh in the field of Counselor Education with an emphasis on psychotherapy and supervision.
Although I have had a small private practice for many years, it is in the last several years that I have moved to a full time practice. Over the years I have worked for community mental health centers, human service organizations, school districts, and correctional institutions.
I am a member of the American Psychological Association, the PA Psychological Association(fellow), the Greater Pittsburgh Psychological Association,and a past board member of the Pittsburgh Jung Society.
These years have been extremely rewarding and have offered me opportunities to experience and know special people from whom I have learned so much about life's challenges and about the resiliance of the human species.