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Many issues bring people to a psychologist. Examples are relationship problems, job stress, loss/grief, serious illnesses, trauma, and negative life patterns. One thing these and other issues have in common is that the person affected by them is in pain and feels that his or her quality of life is not as good as it could be. Uncomfortable emotional states such as depression and anxiety often result.
Psychotherapy works by helping a person to look at feelings, thoughts, and behaviors in a different, more effective way. It helps the person learn to cope better, and thereby decrease stress and increase quality of life.
Each person is an individual; therefore, the psychologist and the person seeking services work as a team. A specific set of goals is set up based upon the unique needs and interests of the person.
Respect for and acceptance of the individual  are essential to productive work.
My services include individual psychotherapy, some specialized couples work, supervision of other mental health professionals and
group presentations and workshops. (Adults age 18 and up)
It is extremely important that the person seeking therapy work with someone with whom they feel comfortable. A person should feel free to ask questions and to fully participate in his or her session.